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Looking for Resume/Cv writers

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I am looking for a person who can make me some single-page resumes for a number of different countries, and for various industries. The applicant should be able to make per one page resume within the price range of $10-$20.

I have a number of colleagues in various industries who will need this service and they are all based in different industries and countries, and thus require resumes/CVs in various formats.

Looking for those people who are:
(1) Serious about helping people make resumes
(2) Have experience with helping people make resumes
(3) Have a body of work to show for how they have helped people
(4) Should speak fluent English and be able to take bullet points and turn them into presentable material
(5) Have enough web-research skills to be able to research the countries that require resumes to see what their personal tastes are
(6) Should have enough web-research ability to research industry standards of a resume

If this sounds like you, please reply! Thank you so much for your interest in this classified and looking forward to learning more about you and your experiences!