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Looking for IT Programmers to develop Marine Procurement Bidding Platform

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This  Platform will be a neutral  Marketplace  for eProcurement  operated by  3rd party  Service Provider  giving access  to   Ship Owners / Managers  to float their  requirements for their fleet / Ships  - whether  stores or consumables   and  viz a viz  approved Vendors  in the platform to give their bids  for each tender !   The  Client   selects  which  vendor to supply  not always  the L1  as they might have preference of  supplier and or quality.  The  whole transaction  will be  routed  via  Platform including payment.

Some of the key features  ; 

1.    Membership Model 
       a)  Ship Suppliers/ Vendors
       b)  Ship Agents 
       c)  Ship Owners/ Managers 
2.    Tender Floating & Bid Feeding Module
3.    Dashboard with  analytics  on all  parameters
4.    Communication -  emails / notices on platform  wire mapping all concerned party including master 
5.    Chatbot  Customer Service  
6.    Document Compliance Management incl certificates, invoices, etc  Contract Management  
7.    Performance evaluation
8.    Accounts Management  incl ledger / payment   for  Suppliers  / Ship Owners 
9.    Credit extension System  for  Ship Owners  and Insurance coverage 
10.  Advertisement Panel  &  Google adsense 
11.  Section  for News/ Blog with RSS feed from Industry 
12.  Marketing  plugins for   Linkedin,  Google, Mails
13.  Interface  for integrating Clients ERP with our Bid Platform
14.  Site should be compatible to Mobile Devices  and multilingual