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Looking for Django-Python expert developer

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I am looking for a Django-Python expert developer who will work with me remotely for two hours every day for the duration of one month at least. We are planning to develop a SaaS application with following features mainly,

1. Membership management
2. Recurring billing for members
3. Payment tracking
4. Payment reminders
5. Generate pdf for invoices and payment receipts and email them to members
6. User role based permission management.
7. Email alerts (using AWS notification service)
8. Customized email templates
9. OTP authentication.
10. Complaint management
11. Store documents of members in AWS S3 storage
12. Set up a job queue like sidekiq for long running back-end jobs.
13. Dashboard for various types of users.
14. Workflows for new member registration and membership approval process.

We will be using Django's built in Admin interface (with AdminLt3 templates) for front-end development for most of the functionality. For user authentication, Django's built in user management functionality will be used. We already have database design ready, which is in PostgreSQL. The application will be deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I need developer to share his desktop with me during every session. The developer should have a good internet connectivity so that we can work together.