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Looking for an Expert in Product Design 3D, Auto Cad, Animation, Modelling

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I am looking for an Expert who can create a virtual 3D Design of a whellchair.
Be a part of the RollChair Project!

Unfortunately I can't give you much money, but you are allowed to put your logo on the animation or use it for your own advertising.
Thanks a lot for supporting the wheelchair idea.

Let’s develop a new wheelchair together!
Even though there are many different kinds of wheelchairs on the market, there is one model that is still missing:
A wheelchair that enables its user to move in all positions, from standing to recumbent, and easily master day-to-day challenges.

A collaborative project
Our association’s vision is to develop such a wheelchair suited to everyday life and offer it at an affordable price to people with physical disabilities all around the world. We’ve already come up with promising ideas, designed different models and successfully tested their functionality with simple means. Now, we would like to share our ideas with you and develop them collaboratively.