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Looking for an Expert in Product Design 3D, Auto Cad, Animation, Modelling

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I am looking for an Expert Product Designer who can create a virtual 3D Design of a pillow for Muslim kids. 

Purpose of this project - To develop a unique design of a pillow for Muslim kids to teach them Islamic prayers and important verses. 

Purpose for Customers to Buy this product - The pillow has audio features to teach kids Islamic prayers and versus specially night time prayers and important Islamic verses. Kids should get attracted to the pillow and accept it as their plush toy.

Following are the mandatory design features;
1. The pillow should be a plush toy type. Kids should get attracted to it. 
2. The popular shapes are moon, cloud, and star. Products of these shapes are already in the market. So develop a unique shape which is acceptable in Islam. 
3. Design should have night time theme
4. Use of lights and colours in the design. 
5. It should be easily hugged and carried and sleep on. 
6. Simple and easy to play audio functions 

Qualification for Potential  Designers -
1. Proven experience in 3D design for products
2. Must submit previous examples of product design
3. Experience in 3D design of plush toys
4. Basic knowledge of Islam and Quran (desirable not compulsory)
5. Must research similar products available in the market. 
6. Must provide Expression of Interest including a summary of their design approach and examples of previously designed products. Further, must mention what similar products are available in the market and how this news design is going to be unique. Expression of interest not complying these requirements will be rejected outrightly. I want see your understanding of use of this product, design approach and interest in design. Simply saying that you can do the design is not acceptable. 

See the current product in market

Please do no apply if you do not understand the requirements. If you are chosen for the job and you could not deliver the design as per the brief then you wont be paid so please double think before apply. Save your and my time as I have strict timelines to launch this product. I will post basic fees for this job but if you deliver better design I will reward accordingly. 

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