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Looking for an experienced developer to build a dynamic Kid Security App for digital well being

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1.       App  in 
English /  Spanish/  German / French
2.       Works
 on Android  & iOS  with two interface : kids  and parent  &  two mode -   self  &  parental
control choice

3.       Manage
Applications / Timings / Lock /   Web Control Lock  on Adult contents  with  online
security To  time bound  allowed apps 
i.e, games/  YouTube /
internet  duration   with snooze effect.
4.       App gives  on initial wake- up  one line  daily news/ tips  on health/ weather/ science  extracted from Rss feed 
5.       With  periodic time gaps,  App 
 diverts attention of user  and 
reminds  with callout  on health wellness …i.e,  blink eyes, 
 stretch hands & legs,  take deep breath,   drink water, 
food time, break , etc  and   to 
stroll around and  to stop   as 
set by user / parents / auto
6.       App  also works like a clock to remind of schedules – study / meal time,  etc task synced with Google Calendar or manually set 
7.       App  monitors  Social Media – FB, Instagram , new  addon alerts / stranger hacking and snooping;  monitor text and whatsapp messages/ emails, texts   for panic word alert to parent
8.   Location
sharing  (periodic / a&w)   with 
alerts where they are  based
on  GPS 
/location marked

Secure fences with drive speed  alerts.
9.   Secretly  capture videos  and audio 
if there is any sos / panic button pressed  and starts recording  and uploads in  cloud server.  
10.   User   earns points   based on  proficiency / adherence   
Parent & Kid  Interface  can see  the analytic screen with Pie chart  with 
summary  either on daily/ weekly
monthly stats. including  
no of times checked to phone/ tablet 
and duration  stats.  
12.   Parent
will have the  Ability to remotely lock/
unlock  certain functions and/ or device  of the Kid

13.   Respond
ASAP freeze screen from parent to child 
with alarm  and option only to
call back

14.   App   to give quick short
review  stars / downloads / Age Group
Symbol   in a   callout  and whether 
on white list  for download
by  Review  Panel 
Board   (Us)  
on   kids games ,  once games are
searched or downloaded.

15.  App to  have a Guest Mode,  wherein main features to  work so that Parents who lend their mobile to  Kids - can activate this Guest mode function to apply some control on Kids usage for temporary time frame until deactivated.  
16. App to have  in-app add option  and payment plan