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Looking for an Arab Content Writer who can make original travel plans for our website

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NOTE: We will only contact people who are Arabs and can write content in Arabic.

Hello. We are developing a website application. The theme of the website is centered around Traveling and Social Media.
The purpose of this project is to create original content for our website, in the form of traveling plans.

The person partaking the project should have the basic knowledge of the commonly used social media applications used globally that involves travel, and should be able to make communicate and write well in both English and Arabic. The grammar for both languages needs to be correct through and through. They will be instructed on what they need to make for their tasks and their work will be evaluated on a daily basis to ensure that the quality of work is being maintained throughout the project.

You would be planning people's trips by searching for places and setting up budget and timing. This task requires creativity similar to content writing, as we can insert short sentences/paragraphs and media for each place. The requirement for this is 8-10 plans per day, with the number of days varying in each plan (from 7 days to 30+ days).

If the progress is favorable, we will continue to provide more tasks as well as give small temporary tasks for improving the workflow of the task. It will be a long term project (more than 3 months). It is recommended that the person is up to date with the latest operating system (Windows 10 and latest firmware for Android/iOS if needed).

The Job's hourly pay is 1.9 dollars per hour, and you'll need to work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, with the weekend being flexible. The work hours are dividable to your needs, as long as 8 hours are dedicated within a day. Over time, we will conduct payments in monthly basis in advance once we have gotten enough positive results in your work.

To get accepted, we would need a qualification sample. This will check whether you have understood our requirements. We will be testing your content writing and research skills and choose the best submission.

There are some few pointers to take care of when making your submission:

- Time yourself. The sooner you can make one article from start to finish the better.

- Avoid plagiarism. We would be checking your content for any.

- Use media. You are free to use media regardless of copyright. Just make sure they look appealing to your article.

- Variety is the key here. Your submission shouldn't be too formal. Write it as if you are the user making a blog on their site.

- The word count needs to be decent (700-1500 words).

Pick any city/country of your choice and prepare a travel guide/itinerary for it.

At the end of your article, you need to mention the time it took you to make one submission. It should be submitted in a Word document.

If you have doubts on the requirements or the qualification, we can discuss in the chat if you're interested.