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Logos for real estate company - Investmart

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My name is
Przemek. I am a Polish Branch Manager at Investmart – proptech/real estate

Short description,
just to introduce who we are:

is the world’s first investment platform, that’s presents investors with the
opportunity to discover new projects and properties across the globe. Through
the Investmart website you’re able to invest in a property without doing the
legwork. Through our management services we'll keep you updated and support you
with legal, translation and financial advice, catered to your chosen location. Our team has obtained experience within the global real estate and legal world,
so we understand the key differences when diversifying and investing in new

Our website:

We are looking
for a graphic designer who can create two logos for us: one main for our
company, the second one for our podcast – Investcast.

1.       Regarding main logo: our intention
is to keep the style of our old logo - similar colors. We want to keep the idea
of the image – the globe and mouse cursor inside of square but make it modern
and visually appealing. Square represents marketplace. We don’t want a dramatic
change, just to make it more modern and startup. We need two versions: first one:
image and word (investmart) separate, second one: image and word combined.

2.       Regarding Investcast logo: in this
case graphic designer has more independency, just use your creativity. It would
be nice to keep the consistency between main logo and Investcast logo. It is a
podcast so the logo should refer to it.

important thing: both logos should have a feature that lets us easily embed them
on facebook, linkedin, website, fit different screens etc.

Budget and expected hours of work are flexible and will be discussed with the interested freelancer.

I enclosed
our present logo.