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LOGO Redesign For T-shirts, Business Cards, Website & Social Media

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I feel like my design is trying to communicate too much in one logo plus I’m a lousy artist. For instance, because I came out of a very conservative religious background as an ordained minister I used the COEXIST to communicate that I love and accept everyone in my logo. I’m not sure it should be there as it seems to me it may add too much “clutter” to my graphic.

I’m posting a link to my graphic as somewhat of a guide. The only parts of it that are absolutely necessary are a blunt/joint or bong/waterpipe with smoke, Reverend Kush (He’s Me) I’m known locally as Reverend Kush in the underground cannabis industry and people like me - plus the caricature I made actually looks a lot like a younger me, The words Reverend Kush has to be part of it, and secondly the I like the colors used in Rasta because green, yellow, red communicate light, love, acceptance to me personally. I’ve also included a link to a picture of me now. The caricature of me and my nickname Reverend Kush draws positive attention to my brand. The Caricature needs to look less like a conservative white man than I do in real life lol  to give people a good chuckle when they see it and me in person.

Look at my logo and my current picture and see what you can come up with for $50 and show me examples and the one I like most I will pay for. This logo will be used on banners, business cards, my website, social media and on t-shirts. My t-shirt printer and my website require PNG images and my printer requires the image to be 4500 px × 5700 px and a resolution of at least 500 and the colors must be RGB for my t-shirt printer.

*****One more important note if the design has to be completely black and white or less than 3 three colors to keep the price down as long as it captures the spirit of my business and of myself I’m very open to that also. It can even look like a sketch - if that makes sense. Also, it can just have “Reverend Kush’s” face instead of his whole body in the logo or just an outline of it. I’m always blown away by simple designs that just work at communicating what they need to. LOL If you are familiar with Cannabis Culture in the US that may help too.
I need this A.S.A.P... 

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