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Logo Animation - Adobe After Effects

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I know the concept I want, and I have a draft version of this was made in Adobe. See the attached file below.

Changes to the first draft include, but not limited to:

1. Give a second of white to start

2. Have only one post-it column (3 larger cards per column), I don’t
think having that many within a column is helping to tell the story.

3. Move one post-it at a time

4. They need to be moving or being delivered to the 3rd column slowly

5. Get 4 or 5 building up in the second column before delivering anything to 3rd column

6. Have more arriving the in the middle column than leaving to the 3rd column.

7. When cards/post-its go first “Kanban” column to second “Accelerated”
column, they need to fill up one card at a time and one column at a
time, from top to bottom, (not fill up rows from right to left)

8. The same if for moving from the middle column to last column
“Delivery”, move one card at a time, (not groups of them) and fill up a
column first from top to bottom

9. No shaking of the word “Accelerated” this doesn’t obviously symbolise
going faster, it just looks like the word is getting angry and can’t
sit still

10. Don’t stop the cards moving as the KAD big letters take over, keep them moving gradually getting faster

11. Rather than come from the bottom, Make the K come from one of cards/post-its in the first “Kanban” column as it is moving

12. Make the A come from one of cards/post-its in the 2nd “Accelerated” column as it is moving

13. Make the D come from the one of cards/post-its in the 3rdd “Delivery” column as it is moving

14. At the end, hold the KAD for 3 seconds at the end to let people just view it and take it in.

15. Add the swoosh fast sound when the “Accelerated” word appears, and
the postits start speeding up.  Swoosh sound is applied as the card
moves between first and 2nd column, plus the 2nd and 3rd column.

16. What suggestions do you have for the sound when the KAD cards are
there? Come up with 5 sounds as options to choose from.  I don’t want
anything that sounds like a synthesizer from the 80’s. Maybe I need to
get a voiceover that says: Kanban Accelerated Delivery?

17. Need a sound as the board appearing to get people’s attention

Outputs will include:

• Deliverable is the master, unprotected working file of a logo animation in Adobe After Effects.

• Also saved as a .gif to be used on website and in PowerPoint decks

• Provide evidence that the sound effects used are legally licensed to
be commercial used without royalty or recognition to author (If you do
not have a library of these, I can buy a commercial license)

This job is only for one freelancer.  Applications from agencies,
project managers or persons that are sub-contracting work to others will
not be considered.

You will need to be able to video meet on skype in my time zone GMT + 11
as I am based in Sydney, Australia. Between 7:00am and 7:00pm my time.

Briefings and corrections will be on video conferencing, not email ping
pong.  So you will need a webcam and solid internet connection.  You
will need to make change live while speaking with me, sharing screen on
Skype, and have excellent ability to listen and understand spoken

For the successful candidate, you will get access to:

1)  a master logo file in either Adobe Illustrator .AI or Photoshop .psd
will be provided to ensure you get the hex colour and dimensions
correct for KAD logo

2) The Adobe After Effects (.ai)  used in draft example.

3) A dropbox folder link to upload drafts.

To be successful at winning this job, answer the questions:

a) What version of Adobe After Effects do you own software license to use on this job?

b) This is for an experienced animator, please provide links to examples of logo animation that you have personally done.