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Local Businesses - 120 websites Audit + Social Media for businesses

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My name is Mitja and in our Digital Agency we
are looking for VA which would like to work

in digital marketing space.


Your job will be:


- Analyze local business websites (120
websites) – find what is not ok with website and social media and

how can we help local business get more clients
– you will get list of websites

URLs and detail instruction (video tutorial)
what you need to look for and what you need to



- You will also check local business social
media accounts


- You will contact business and offer them help
with social media management – we

will provide communication script for you, so
you will know what to say to

businesses. You will contact them through
social media communication.


- Other jobs regarding digital marketing

Job description – video walk through:

You will start with 120 websites Audit + Contacting
businesses test work. If you do your job well, we will hire you for long term.

We will increase payment according to your
skills level if you will do quality work. If you want to work with us, please
send - replay to this offer/message with text: DigiAgency1


We will send you more details and if you agree,
you can start with 120 websites Audit and contacting businesses test work.


You need to know English language, as you will
be contacting USA businesses.




Best regards


Mitja Ostrbenk


CEO and founder