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Learning management system

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I am looking for a learning management system. There will be 3 types of users in this system: a. superadmin - who can create admin users, 2. admin - who can create trainee users and manage all modules of the system, c. employee- who can login to the system to go through a video lesson. Once lesson is complete, trainee will be able to give exam. If trainee get certain marks, he/ she will pass and get upgraded from junior to senior level. System will produce a digital certificate to promote trainee to level 2.

Trainee Section:

a. Login with employee code/Password. Employee will select language at the time of login (Eng/ Hindi/ Beng). Based on this selection, questions will appear.
b. Basic QA session (Max 5 Questions)
to judge its level. Admin will decide pass mark for each QA session.
c. According to its level deliver
training video on module basis.

d. Evaluations on every module.

e. Finally produce a digital
certificate and promote to next level.


Admin section:

a. Employee Login management

b. Language master management
c. Course master management - Course ID (auto), language (select from dropdown), course name, course description.
d. Module management - Module ID (auto), language (select from dropdown), course (select from dropdown), module name, module description, upload video (it is better to use youtube for video streaming), upload file (this will show as attachment to employee).
e. QA Bank Management module wise - Question ID(auto), language (select from dropdown), course (select from dropdown), module name (select from dropdown), question entry, 4 answers to input and mark an answer as correct.
Different Reports on trainee performance.

Please note that we should be able to see a report progress of employee. For example, emp1 has watched first 3 minutes of a 5 minutes video. Employee can proceed to exam only if video lesson is watched till end.

Technology: php 7, mysqli

Let me know the cost and timeline needed.