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Lead Hardware Developer Full-Time Job in Delhi/NCR

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As a fintech IOT company which is incubated in NASSCOM, we have access to one of the best hardware labs in town. We are hiring a team of dedicated and smart individuals for our venture - a company is what the people working in it make it. As is the case with most startups, those who join in early get rewarded earlier. We are a funded venture, started by industry veterans, and we are committed to making your career graph grow!

Passion, knowledge and street-smartness a.k.a  sense of“jugaad” will be valued the most.

Skills and Expertise:

- Hands-on experience in IoT, Embedded Firmware / hardware Development.
- Microcontroller based hardware design and development along with embedded programming.
- Good understanding of Multi Layer PCB Design and full hardware product life cycle In-depth knowledge of electronic circuits and physics behind them.
- Knowledge  of developing embedded devices, sensors, or control systems
- Hardware hacking/ programming skills with ARM Micro Controllers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.
- Responsibility for Design specifications, implementation & documentation.
- Help the team solve high intensity and highly complex problems that are blockers in the team productivity - Be a problem solver! 
- Own and commit to all your work, be accountable for your results.

Understanding of PCB design, schematics, layout.
Understanding of SW- HW interfaces 
Extensive knowledge of working with SMT soldering.
Self- starter and entrepreneurial in nature.

Understanding of t process of fabrication and people / websites from where to get it done both domestic & internationally 
Exposure to various types of sensors and BLE, WiFi, etc
Having experience in financial services (Fintech)  domain and / or knowledge of hardware compliance is an added bonus

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