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Landing page React, Django + Invitation mechanism

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A landing page based on the following design needs to be developed: user flow looks like this:

  • When the user lands on the website, he can input the name of his city (dropdown, maps API)
  • After he chose a city, an overlay is displayed. There he can enter his email address. (Email + city are then stored in a database). An automatic mail is sent to the user after registration.
  • Now the user sees his position on a waiting list. He can share a referral link with other users. The more users register with his link, the higher he will rank on the waiting list.
  • The user can also check his status. A Progress bar with the number of referrals and the number of referrals left to attain the first position on the waiting list is shown. This page should be accessible with a permanent link. The user is also redirected to this page when he wants to register with an already registered mail. 
On the backend side, it should be possible to see a list of all registered users (email + city + date of registration + number of referrals). The list should be searchable. Users can be selected from the list (multiple selection possible) and an invitation email can be sent to them through the click on a "invite" button. These users are then moved to the "invited users" list.

After the successfull completion of this job, there will be other jobs concerning the development of an android app. It would be perfect if you have also knowledge of java, kotlin and the android framework.