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Kindly read properly before applying.I will delete the bids if you haven't read it properly.

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Kindly read the entire post and reply accordingly. I will delete the non-relevant bids.

We are looking for someone to scrape a list of 20 e-commerce website (eg. )

The project would be split in two parts :

1st part : Scrapping
The requirements are :

get the list of products
get the product url / name / description / color (if available) / price / categories and sub-categories
get all the images linked to each product and download them in HD
for each image, save the url and position (1, 2, 3 ...) on the product page
The expected results are for each site :

an archive with all the HD images downloaded
a csv/json containing the list of product with associated information and images

2nd part : Image identification :
The requirements are :

identify the "flat lay" images (only the front ones)
identify the "on model" images
identify the matching "flat lay" and "on model" pairs (same product, same color)
The expected results are for each site :

a csv/json list of identified images and whether they are "flat lay" or "on model" (ignore the others)
a csv/json list of matching "flat lay" and "on model" image pairs

I need you to send 1 completed scrapped listing (from for me to assume that you have understood the project well.

Please do not apply without sending your listing.