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Java Script Full Stack Developers

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500 /Hr

Estimated Hours - 300
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We are looking for a highly skilled software engineer who is comfortable with both front and back end programming. You will be responsible for developing and designing web architecture, ensuring the responsiveness of applications, and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties. 
Full Stack Developers will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organisational skills and attention to detail. 

Responsibilities and Duties: 

    • Develop Enterprise Grade Multi Tenant Application 
    • Develop features & UI using Material & Flex inheriting Angular/React best practices. 
    • Develop config driven reactive forms using custom library.
    • Create offline first design and algorithms. 
    • Enhancing UX with out of the box creativity. 
    • Making complex technical and design decisions for Angular projects.
    • Develop APIs (Specification with Documentation), DB Schematics, Test Coverage.
    • Develop CD migrations and deployment procedure.
    • Work with Product Stakeholders to capture requirement, draft wireframe, define application architecture.
    • Making complex technical and design decisions for project.
    • Write about your work and contribute back to open source. 
    • Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages.  

Required Experience, Skills, and Qualifications: 
    • 3+ years of working experience as a Full Stack developer. 
    • Interest in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar. 
    • Proficiency with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS/React JS, and Nest JS. 
    • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript and writing cross-browser compatible code. 
    • Proficiency in server-side languages such as Python, Java, PHP, and .Net. 
    • Proficiency in database technology such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. 
    • Experience using JavaScript/Typescript building tools like WebPack, Gulp, Grunt, etc. 
    • Knowledge of JavaScript MV-VM/MVC frameworks including Angular. 
    • Proven experience implementing TDD JavaScript/Typescript applications. 
    • Experience in config driven reactive form implementation.
    • Hands on any UI Component Library.
    • Experience using REST, JSON, SOAP and Git. 
    • Familiarity with Offline Web App or PWA.  
    • Excellent analytical, management and communication skills. 
    • Ability to work in an Agile environment  
    • Good problem-solving skills.