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I'm looking to build a web app for sharing ride like ( uber ) but for small airplanes it's a platform with a map ( not a live map ) here is a reference : https://instructair.comit's an MVP Just a simple profile and a map that u can see where are the nearest pilot in your area ( not a live one like uber ) everyone will enter his airport and same for the airplane So a map that shows a planes and pilots near u 
thanks in advance will be waiting for your quote

Feature list for Leadville MVP

1-a nice designed home page ( about us, explainer video, etc… )
2-signup page to gather database for the pilots/airplanes 
3-google maps page/booking feature have on it this database so people can search by there zip code and see where is the nearest pilot/airplanes, then they can click on an airplane and start a request to book it in whatever day , then this post should be sent to all the pilots in this zip code as notification which said Mr. pilot …. Is booking the airplane model …. On day 15 august and looking for a time building partner , and then the pilots can either accept the request or ask for modification for date or time and then it goes from there, the same process go-between pilots and airplanes owners so after the pilot request to booking an airplane on specific date and time , airplane owner receives the request , either he accept it or modify the time or the date and send the availability back
4-starting chat feature with nearby pilots /airplane owners 
5-may also add suggestions to improve our service page 

also please feel free to suggest or add anything I’m missing in the full process, as I may forget or missed something that should be there so I’m open to any suggestion u see to make it better and make it happen 
here is an MVP that I build myself:
to start collecting database while u building the project so I don’t waste time 
please watch the explainer video and look at the website so u have a better understanding 

here Is what I need now , I need a price quotation for this project and time frame , also I would like to pay 25% deposit , 25% after work is done , and 50% after the final project is boosted and everything work smooth , keep in mind that I’m going bigger for this project and I know the market need it as I’m a pilot and businessman, so earn my business as it will be a long term contract if l like your work, your price, and professionalism 

also I need u to build it in a way then when I launch the project the big way we can just extend this project and make it bigger instead of building a new one