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It is required to port the php script to the Google App Engine

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It is required to port the php script to the Google App Engine.
- for the script to work without connecting paid options on a google app engine account;
- did not require connecting any payment methods to google app engine account;
- performed all its functions as on a normal VPS, VDS server;

Script source:
Brief essence of the script: proxying html pages, their caching and display.

A big request before responding to the task, to be confident in their capabilities and skills on the Google App Engine platform.
Read the script source, and be sure that you can complete the task on time.

The principle of work with those who take up the work:
You run a new application on your Google App Engine account, give me your application domain and start porting.
At the end of the work you throw off the source code for me and I run the ported script on my Google App engine application. If the script performs all its functions as well as on a regular VPS or VDS server, payment is made.

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