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ISP Billing and Management Software based on Mikrotik API

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Brief: Cloud based Radius includes CRM for ISP business in which admin can add users --> assign ID Pass , Add billing system for users.

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Static pages:
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Technology Preferences: LAMP Stack (PHP), MEAN Stack (AngularJS + ExpressJS + NodeJS)


  • Smart admin dashboard
  • Automatically generate bill for all users with a single click
  • Automatic bill generation during single user registration
  • Automatic bill adjustment for changing package
  • Mikrotik API to create, disable and remove users in Mikrotik router
  • Mikrotik API to change user package in Mikrotik router from admin panel
  • Create new package for PPOE and HotSpot
  • View and edit packages
  • View all tickets at a glance
  • Sort tickets by title, user, date, status, last update and priority
  • View individual ticket with all comments
  • Comment on ticket
  • Close and reopen ticket
  • Create and edit user payments
  • View all users and their account balance
  • View and edit individual user
  • View individual user payment history
  • Add new user easily
  • New users will be added in Mikrotik automatically and his bill will be generated
  • View all and active PPOE and Hotspot from Mikrotik router
  • User panel
  • View personal details in user panel
  • View personal payment history in user panel
  • View all personal tickets
  • User can add, comment, close and reopen ticket from user panel
  • User can view all available packages from user panel
  • Responsive Design (mobile, table, desktop)
  • Token base forms to protect XSS attacks
  • Simple, easy to use user interface
  • Optimized for best performance