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Invision Power Board Plugin Needed!

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We are looking for a PHP and web developer with experience in creating IPB plugins for
the Invision Power Board forum software. While it is highly desirable that the
developer who this project is awarded to has experience with IPB, it’s not
required. We are running IPB’s current version / release. The developer who is awarded this job will work on our development board which already has the IPB framework installed for you to develop a plugin for the IPB system. You can find a great tutorial about creating an IPB plugin here:

We currently have a plugin that supports CoinGate payment
processing for several crypto currencies. We would like to modify this plugin to be integrated with our IPB forum to allow us to add our bitcoin address when editing this plugin. This plugin is entirely available at:


This should make the amount of actual coding on your part
very minimal. You’ll already have a plugin for Bitcoin payment that is entirely
integrated with IPB to work with. It just needs to support direct payment for
subscriptions to our wallet instead of using CoinGate as the payment processor.
When a user makes a subscription purchase on our website, it will come directly
to our wallet and be detected by the Payment-Gateway script above. This is
already handled by IPB, it just needs to be modified for direct payment instead
of using CoinGate as stated previously.


Also, we need this modified so that users in a specified
usergroup (access to this should be enabled by the admin from the usergroup
creation/editing page) are able to add bitcoin wallets to on their profile page
under their account details. Finally, the Store within our IPB environment will
be modified to allow us to set individual developers as owners of items in the
Store. When a user goes to pay, it will use the same payment method as our
subscription system, but instead of paying us, the payment will go to the owner
specified as owner of the applicable store item.  


All transactions should be stored in our database such as
amount, time of purchase, rate of BTC at that time, username/ID of purchaser, etc.
We would like a dashboard created that provides this information to the
usergroup with this access. Likewise, a panel that allows us to see all sales with
this same information, as well as the ability to check more granular information
such as total sales for an individual user, filtering by day/week/month, etc.,
is desired.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a relatively simple
project. Do NOT bid this project for a low amount and then attempt to renegotiate
with us through chat for a higher amount. If you propose an amount that is
lower than you intend to work for and then request more, we will not work with
you. This is a deceitful tactic and wastes our time. We are willing to pay for
the right developer, but do not have time for developers that are wasting our time.

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