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Internet data collection

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INTERNET DATA COLLECTION: I wish to hire someone to visit all of the web sites of world stock exchanges and retrieve the ticker symbols of all of the stocks (aka equities or companies) that trade there.  

I provide the list of the countries I'm interested in along with suggested URLs to the stock listing tables on those sites (see attached spreadsheet).  

The task is to find the table of listed companies (or issuers) on that exchange's website and then transcribe the ticker symbol and company name to the attached Excel spreadsheet creating a new tab for each country.

If the table also includes the company's industry sector or ISIN or other identifying numbers, please include those on the table for that country in the spreadsheet. 

Typically the listings are presented in HTML tables extending across several (or possibly many) pages that need to be traversed manually.  Other sites lists may require scrolling to view the entire list. 

In some cases, the exchanges provide downloadable CSVs or excel spreadsheets (which you can download and from which you can cut and paste cells).

On other exchanges the information may be in a PDF file.

Please collect ONLY information from the exchanges themselves and not from third party sites that list tickers (since they are often out-of-date or inaccurate).  

Only collect tickers for stocks based in the target country (sometimes called domestic).  Sometimes exchanges will list foreign company shares (eg both Apple and Google's shares are listed in Brazil), please ignore these.  

You can also ignore listings for bonds, preferred shares, ETFs, funds, warrants, etc. 

Ticker symbols are sometimes called Codes or Symbols.
If my URL is not useful, you can google for "<country> listed companies" or "<exchange name> listed companies" to find better pages.  

Please record the URL from which you obtain the data you add to the 
spreadsheet you create so I can spot check your work.

When cutting and pasting, please paste as unformatted plain text