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Intermediate Level Plugin / Add-in for PowerPoint Skills Required C+ JavaScript & Visual Basic

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Job Description:

This job is for a PowerPoint Plugin / Add-in that most importantly would be compatible with all PowerPoint versions from 2010 to present.  It would need to install easily with a normal looking standard installer that works with Windows XP, 7, 8, 9, 10.  And would need a real digital signature/certificate that makes the plugin ready to install on any of my (5) computers.  I design PowerPoint templates for a living and do testing on all versions of Windows and all versions of PowerPoint, so I need compatibility with all my systems. I'm old school, so over the years I have used every version from 2010 to current, and my goal is to be able to organize better and quicker with a plugin that basically does a lot of standard functions of windows explorer, but with customizations that makes it easier for me to be more productive... 

Example #1 : I want to see the templates I created in a larger view because my eyes are not so good anymore, so if they are twice the size of the normal windows folder view then I can find the ones I want to re-design easily from a double sized gallery view. 

Example #2 : When I make a slideshow video template, I put them on my YouTube, Vimeo, Mega Cloud, Dropbox, etc. and I would like to be able to put the links somehow attached to the file so that I can get any version I have made (maybe a pop-up when I hover the file that allows me to insert the web link that could be edited if I need to switch from Vimeo to YouTube) 

NOTE:  I will ask you a test question or require you to prove you are a good C+ programmer before I put 
down the deposit money. I have run into far too many on this site that has wasted my time. 

The goal on the visuals is:
Clean large windows that show everything in a gallery.  Small efficient dialog and input pop-ups. 
Easy to navigate and easy to understand. My time has past for learning new things...  I need "simple".

Required for payment:

A) Tab added to ribbon named "Tools" and (4) buttons added to the open tab:   
1) Save Slide/Media   2) Load Slide/Media   3) Back-up Tools   4) Load Tools

B)  1st Button Function: Window opens and prompts to choose "Category" from the list AND has a form input that allows a "new category" to be added. Once "Category" is chosen or created, it then prompts to name the file being saved and places it in the in a directory that can be called to be put on the canvas (from the 2nd Load Slide/Media menu button). Lastly, it prompts for location of photo or video that will represent the file in the "Gallery" window that shows when the 2nd Load Slide/Media menu button is clicked.

2nd Button Function: Window opens and prompts to choose "Category" from the list. Once the "Category" is chosen the window resizes to almost full screen displaying the photos or videos that show what the file looks like. (This would be the photos or videos directory where the media is prompted last in B) section above.)

D) Seven Functions in 
2nd Button Gallery View Area:
Function #1 - Gallery should be aligned alphabetically so I can find files easier.
Function #2 - When mouse hovers video it plays .wmv (Windows Media Video File), Photos remain static.
Function #3 - When mouse clicks media it prompts opening of input menu below (Functions #4 thru #7):

o    "Open File"             (Calls the actual .ppt file and adds it to the canvas)
o    "Delete File"           (Deletes both the media in the gallery and the actual file. Should prompt:  Really? Y or N)
o    "Change Media"    (Changes the video or photo in this "Gallery View")
o    "Add Link"              (Prompts to add & name link, Once named it auto propagates a new
  "Add Link"    
                                         and becomes clickable to open link in default browser).

E) Main menu button 3 & 4 are basically just a backup of the directories and files with the ability to only overwrite files with the same name and size (to prevent any overwrite of an incorrect file). If there are different files there, allow them to stay, just add the "backed up" files.  Should prompt proper start and end messages such as "Finished Backing-up Files" or "Your Files and Directory Structure is Restored".

F) All issues should be resolved and debugged with all functions and working properly.
I am happy to assist in testing. 

Deadline: 2 weeks.