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Info book redesign

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Im looking to redesign a book into a horizontal view.

Here is my first draft design. Take a look at my Canva design!

I can give you edit access if needed.

Essentially I need the book redesigned into 7"×5" horizontal spiral notebook.(see image for reference.) Current size is vertical 5x9 i believe.

The first draft did ok job, but lacked a little of the feel I was looking for. This will be in a manufacturing environment so simplicity is just fine.

My primary goals are for usability, easy to find pages with page numbers, as well as headings on bottom. (Users will flip through book horizontally) will look to your design expertise, so maybe just suggestions.

I would also like to change color scheme from orange to mostly white pages with light blue. (Pages can be full color if needed.)

Book should be focused on welding symbols no stock images needed. Feel free to add a blank "notes" section instead of stock photos.

I also recommend removing the boxes around symbols as shown in my notes.

Take a look at canva link above and my attached images. Let me know if something you would like to work on and a quote.

Ideally end product is in canva or Adobe, but could do PowerPoint or pdf as well