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Induction Coil Circuit design, having variable and controlled power output

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Need Induction Coil Circuit design, having following features:

1. Te coil should be able to produce variable power output, between 40 watts to 800 watts
2. The circuit should be efficient (minimal heat loss, and hence cooling of circuit should either not be required or simple CPU cooler should be enough, in closed housing)
3. The circuit h/w should be economic (not costly)
4. The circuit should be controllable by a PCB (that can be added in design later) and by temporary manual control (to support testing, before using it with a PCB)
5. Design should ensure that any number of circuits produced by this design, will generate same power output under same input and ambient conditions (in other words, if power output of 80 watt is desired, and given as input, any two circuits manufactured using this design,  should deliver 80 watts of power)
6. Assume 12V DC supply or standard 220v, 50 Hz AC supply.

7. While in idle mode (when coil is not heating any object on stove), the coil should not get heated due to free current flowing in the circuit/coil.

8. Need this compatible to both Indian power supply standards (220 V, 50 Htz) and American power supply standards (110 V, 60 Htz)

9. Also need 2 pieces of this circuit assembled (for Indian standard power supply standards) and shipped to my place in Pune.

It's OK to refer to a ready made design, but quotation should be adjusted accordingly