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Indonesia Looking for people to attend seminars

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I am looking for people to find and attend at least 5 forex or stock market free previews in Surabaya and report to me on the following:

1) How do they advertise?
2) Is the location at hotel or office?
3) is food provided?
4) How many people attended the seminar
5) How long is the seminar?
6) What is the age group of the people who attended
7) Who are the seminar targeting at- Are they targeting on people who
are employee or people who are business owners?
8) Does the presenter give a time frame for people to sign up for the
course? For example those who sign up now will have a certain discount
9) How much is the course and how much is the discount, if there is?
10) When is the actual course?
11) For those who want to sign up for the course, do they fill up the
form and hand over to the staffs and pay for the course immediately?
12) How is the payment done? by credit card machine or bank transfer?
13) How many people sign up for the course immediately?
14) For those who are still considering, what should they do