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INDENTILENSE Internship Program for tech profile

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INDENTILENSE is an international startup specializing in lead generation for businesses through digital marketing.

The INDENTILENSE internship program will give you the opportunity to learn and apply your knowledge, gain work experience, improve skills / abilities and build a portfolio that will prepare you for a future career. 

 The internship program is open year-round in various departments such as customer service, sales, finance, operations, commerce and marketing.

Applications and interviews are strictly online and only the selected candidates will be contacted. 

 Benefits :
You will gain industry knowledge, international experience and communication skills and techniques. This will equip you with the skills required for customer roles, deepen your potential and career development, and contribute to the success of your team and your organization.
An internship certificate will be issued to you to demonstrate your experience.
You work from home
You work part time 

 Type of contract: Internship (hiring potential after 3-6 months) 

Type of work: part-time (10-20 hrs / week weekend off) 

Workplace: online

characteristics: Proficiency in IT. 

Education: No diploma required 

Professional experience: not required 

Remuneration: Internet gratuity ($ 20/month on trulencer) + productivity bonus + commissions 

Required profile: Strong will and ability to learn
Sense of urgency, Creativity, innovation, Autonomy and a job well done
Excellent communication skills
competitive to get things done
Attention to detail, critical thinking and problem-solving, 

Language: English and French, Good internet connection, Be passionate about digital professions.