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Implementation of VLC using MIMO.

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The primary goal of this project is to determine how efficiently visible light communication can
be utilized in setting up of transmission between multiple receivers (mobile phones) and a light
source. The experiment is performed in a room where multiple inputs like mobiles are randomly
spaced and a light source (LED) at a fixed point emits light waves constantly from top of the
room. The movement of the light waves are to be captured for each receiver. With the help of
different modulation techniques, frequencies and bandwidths of the visible light waves are noted.
Various parameters like dimensions (length, height and width) of the area, distance from the light
emitting diode and multiple receivers come into play when the modulation techniques are
applied. Through different simulations, we also find and compare which modulation method
when implied gives the resultant light waves with greater speed. Finally, in this experiment we
will look into how visible light communication systems can be beneficial for user end
applications like home purpose, In vehicles to prevent the risk of accidents through
communication, work space and hospitals.