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IMMEDIATE HIRE: Experienced Chinese Speaking Cold Callers

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*ONLY APPLY IF* (Candidates who do not meet these requirements will be automatically disqualified)

1) You have done cold calling multiple times, is experienced and confident
2) You have PROVEN results of helping your previous client to successfully book AT LEAST 30 appointments in a month
3) Able to work according to SG timing
4) Able to get company director's name & number

Answer The Following Questions (Candidates who do not answer these questions will be disqualified immediately)

1) How long have you been cold calling?
2) Where you been cold calling to?
3) What are your results like?
4) How many prospects can you cold call in an hour? (an estimated number based on your experience will do)
5) Do you have a proven-to-work script?
6) Tell me about the strategies you go about to secure appointments with your cold calls
7) Are you able to submit a few cold call recordings you've had from your previous experience along with this proposal?