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I need you to write a GUI JavaFX based Java version of the game PONG

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Write a GUI (JavaFX) based Java program (with NetBeans) which includes the following feature
is implemented:

● The game Pong (Atari, stolen from Magnavox) is to be implemented.

● The application should have a menu with at least 3 main menu items, with which you can
the players e.g. start a new game or configure the game
(speed of the ball/paddle, assignment of the keys, which actions are to be performed, etc.)
are possible and how often etc.).

● The paddles are controlled via the keyboard.

● it should also be possible to control a paddle with the mouse.

● Each player has an action key. If this key is pressed at the right time (this can be e.g. by a different color of the paddle), the ball will be e.g. accelerateted, gets a different trajectory (fade, hook, slice, etc.) or the
Ball turns into a glowing fireball that hits the opponent's paddle through.
-Feel free to show me your own creative ideas-

● A game consists of three sets of 15 points each, with one player playing for the
The winner of the set must have 2 points lead or 21 points.

● The game should have a pause function.

Rankings would be nice.

● It should be possible for 2 players to play a game on 2 computers in a network.

How the actual game should look like:
Also the menu and everything else should have that classic square and easy look.