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I need Website filing a petition in ASP.NET MVC in C# and the Razor view engine, Entity

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I would need help with designing a website that will be used to filing a petition. The details of the tasks are given

Please read it very carefully 

1. Ability to create Member accounts
2. Members can create new Causes
3. Ability to electronically sign under Causes using a Member account
4. There is a special “Admin” account which can delete Causes
5. A list of names who have signed a Cause should be visible to anyone
6. A counter of how many people have signed a Cause should be visible to
7. The website must be usable from an Internet-capable mobile phone
8. Ability to see signature counts and actual new signatures as they happen
9. Ability to share causes in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc
10.  “It would be great if the Web App was actually a mobile web App.
11. "Need APK file of Hybrid web app design (same design)"

** We will provide UI.UX design 

Criteria For Making the website:
1. Make a user interface to facilitate the scenario mentioned above.
2. Implement most (but not necessarily all) the user interface elements
needed to facilitate the features using HTML5, Bootstrap, and jQuery
3. Develop the software to facilitate the scenario (front-end and back-end).
4. You must use all the following technologies
Back-end: ASP.NET MVC in C# and the Razor view engine, Entity
Framework with any database engine
b. Front-end: AJAX, JSON, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap
5. You are expected to use the technologies above (i.e. you shouldn't do it in PHP).

Example of such a page is mentioned below: