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I need web developer using Angular 7

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I need a project where we can provide like comment  and share option just below the  images...

Language - SQL server database, c# for middle language and angular 7.

I will share the database schema.

Like - Need to show like icon.. when user press that like button ... colour of icon will be changed and if user again tap that button then it'll consider as unlike and update the database accordingly.

Comment - Show comment icon...when user press that button...then  just below of it show previous comment and text box where user can type comments.
Note - 
1. User can like the comment.
2. User can reply some comment to the other comment.

Share - user can share this image link through all app which is available in his/her phone...
Another share option to post the same image within the app (like sharing any post in Facebook)

Acceptance criteria - I need source code and I'll run this in my local machine...if everything is as I expected then only I'll accept the project ..

If any doubt we can communicate further.