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I need Visual Basic, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access VBA Programmer with good design experience

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It is small project need to develop in MS-Access (either 2010,13), Visual Basic and MS-SQL Server 2016 database. I am a developer too so it is easy to explain the project.Already I started the Project but not able do as my client expectation.
              The Project is about the registration of Employees details about their achievements in their work  with the proof of upload their photo, Work image, Diagrams, Documents. Every three (3) months the registration accepted online. Example January to March, April to June, etc. 
             The Panel committee members will review the employees entries and select the all good ones. My Company have many division, units under one Department so all eligible to apply online through this system using their Badge Id. Each Employee can upload only two (2) Entries and group projects also accepted. Panel members also eligible to post their Projects but he/She not able to select their own project when reviewing.
             In Menu, I need Master table for enter the Department, Unit, Division name and their respective code. So the employee will select it in the registration form without the misspell.
             Every Quarterly (3 months) report will be taken as selected person (or) group, All entries, etc.