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I Need to Interface my Electronics Hardware data to database system

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nternet explorer based biometric attendance and access control software – Free License
Enhanced Automation Feature
Automatic data analysis
Auto-emailing reports at predefined intervals

Easy Integration
Open database structure
Integrates easily with ERP & Payroll applications

Software Features for Attendance Recording
Individual Employees Login to view their attendance, request leaves, describe late attendance reasons etc.
Unlimited users and unlimited departments
Supports unlimited shifts for well-organized attendance recording
Shifts Roster be planned/assigned on Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Yearly basis
Separate shifts can be assigned to each staff

Software Features for Access Control
Software includes a live-view module to view the individual outside the door before unlocking
Automatic data collection can be scheduled at multiple intervals
Supports door unlocking directly from the software
Supports full premise lock down as well as evacuation mode (complete unlock) from the software.
Supports Real Time attendance Monitoring

Advanced Reporting Features
Report Types: Monthly Report, Department wise reporting, Personnel / individual reports, Symbol report, Daily Time, Daily Sheet, Daily Report, Record/Photo display Report, Unusual Report, Wrong Swipe / key Report
Report search supports different criteria (e.g. Absence, leave, late, holiday, holiday overtime, regular overtime etc.)
Show/Hide reports’ columns using form settings