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I need to hire a Node.js Developer to help maintain Shinobi

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Junior Developer Position : $400 CAD/month

In gist your primary tasks will be to address bug reports. When you have resolved a bug you will push it to the specified repository.

Learn more about Shinobi here.

  1. Primary Project Focus
    1. Shinobi - Server Application
    2. Shinobi Mobile - Mobile App Supplement to Server App
    3. Website - General Information and Community Hub
  2. Prerequisites
    1. Must reside in Bangladesh
    2. Testing Machine
      1. Will run test code for Shinobi
    3. Internet Connection
      1. You must have access to it throughout your work hours.
    4. Development Machine
      1. can be same as Testing Machine but no recommended
    5. Development Tools
      1. Text Editor (like Atom)
      2. Photo Editor (like Adobe Photoshop)
    6. Communication
      1. Email Address
      2. Phone Number
      3. Discord, Signal, Telegram, or Skype (Discord Preferred)
      4. Trello Account
      5. Reddit Account
  3. Knowledge Minimum Requirement
    1. Node.js - Novice Level
    2. MySQL - Novice Level
    3. FFmpeg - Knows what it is, don’t need to know how to use it.
    4. Flutter - Novice Level (Only if you are able to develop Mobile Applications)
  4. Development Requirement
    1. Activity Report at the end of day.
      1. Can be in the form of commits to a repository or written summary if no commits could be made that day. Commits should be done to a repository under the ownership of Shinobi Systems to be considered valid unless otherwise stated.
      2. OPTIONAL CHOICE INSTEAD OF 3.a.i : You can choose to record your screen as you develop and provide that video later for review.
        1. Can be 1 frame every 30 seconds.
    2. Must be operating at least 4 hours each day. Weekends not included.
    3. Must mark tasks in Trello as complete once done.
    4. If you currently have no assigned tasks you must request one from the management team or self-assign a task from the Trello board or Gitlab Issues.
      1. If there are no tasks available you may commune with users in the community. Answer questions or engage in product-related conversation with users.