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I need to design a web portalmarketplace for Home floor/interior plan design

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I need to design a  portal(marketplace) for Home floor/interior plan design. Users should be able to upload and browse  detailed dimensioned floor plans, basic electric layouts, structural information, cross sections, roof plans, cabinet layouts and elevations and all the general specifications your builder will need to construct your new home.

Phase 1, we will have two users, Designer( who  can publish their work and put for sale, and Customer who can browse and purchase) refer detailed description below
Phase 2, refer detained description below


I am looking for a developer who can build this application for us  
Skill set : HTML 5,Angular,CSS,Spring Boot
I am okay if you do not much exposure to Java ( as we have java developer who can build backend code), but the UI developer is expected to driver and design the flow.

NOTE: I have web template already in place - basically I need resource who is very well versed with Angular,CSS and customizing HTML templates 

* Interested developer, please feel free to contact me with your cost and reference to your previous experience.
* Budget can be revised for right resource

Detailed Description

0.Admin (Phase 1)
1. Designer (Phase 1)
2. Customer (Phase 1)
3. Vendors (Phase 2)
4. Employer (Phase 2)
5. Students/Academics (Phase 2)
6. General features (Phase 1)
Use Cases

1. Customer
a. Should be able to browse categories
-> Floor Plans
-> Interior design
-> 3D elevations
-> Landscaping
-> outdoor tiling
-> Gardening
-> Electrical
-> Plumbing
-> Complete project
b. Select Required Project
-> View/preview/Download projects
-> Contact designer through our portal
-> Buy Plans
c. Shopping cart 
->buying from various vendors
d. Design own floor plan templates
e. Publish requirements
-> Should be able to publish requirements
-> Send email to all designers
2. Designer
a. Create Portfolio
-> Define skills, and proficiency
-> Upload projects, portfolio, video, pictures, PDF
b. Create new project and publish for sale
-> Able to upload files
-> Mark visibility status( public/paid/downloadable/preview)
c. Create blogs on different category
-> Flooring/Tiling
-> Interior design
-> Painting
-> Roofing
-> Landscape
-> Gardening
3. Vendors
a. Publish add
-> Upload product details with description

4. Employer
-> Should be able to publish and job openings
-> Should be able to contact designers
5. Students/Academics
a. Create projects
Other General features (Phase 1)
a. chat
b. Blogging
c. comments
d. rating
e. Testimonials

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