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I need to customize Wp ERP to my requirements

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ERP requirement in brief 

• Company wise employee’smanagement (company department)
• Bulk import of employee’s data 
• Bulk import of attendance data 
• Contract company based auto invoice system 
• Employee wise auto invoice system 
• OT, holiday OT and Friday OT all are managed in single attendance entry and the pricing of each should be customisable for every company 
• Every company normal working hrs and rest time should be varying   
• Contracts company wise time adjustment system
• Contracts company wise category based price adjustment 
• Provision to down load each invoice in excel 
•  Our aim is to make invoices to different companies with higher price (category based pricing) and another one is for our self, for that we use employee pay rate based 
 ERP modules 
• multiple companies’ management
• HR management 
• Accounting
• Attendance 
• Custom Invoice (for company/contractor wise and actual pay rate)
• Daily wise report includes (open and close balance report) customised report (refer image from named daily report for better understandings)
• Using single journal entry 
• Expense tracking 
• Chart of accounts wise report 
• Bank accounts wise report 
Multiple company and HR
• creating multiple companies (use departments for this) and each company have a role to manage HR and CRM management) so each companies will have tied with a user 
• Manage employee under different companies and their attendance 
• When we are login to a user as company HR. then in HR over viewit should showthe corresponding company details only.
• Company wise Attendance marking   
• Different company wise hr management 
 Attendance module
• Add and edit attendance module according to the companies 
• In attendance module we have holly day marking so we need it to make single holiday marking  
• We need to get invoice according to our attendance 
• So now main admin is generating the invoices 
• For that they have the provision to generate invoice  
• Company based invoice will also generate at the same time. So we have option to select company and company department properly to create our invoices 
• In every invoice that we create there is option to enter (normal hour, rest time, Friday OT, holyday OT and monthly working days)
• If we not entering any of it will take default values like
1. Over time = normal pay rate * 1.25
2. Friday OT= normal pay rate * 1.5
3. Holyday OT= normal pay rate*2
4. Normal working hour =9
5. Normal rest time =1
6. Monthly days = 26
• For the case of security category 12 hours is the normal working time there is no other OT 
To solve this first, we create a company in that company we chose appropriate company department to getting the attendance properly. Then we select all the categories in that company and input their contract rate (company invoicing). We need an option to add normal working and over time for each category too And need to add individual time card along with the data base payroll named invoice for employees.  Additional remarksIn sales module we need at least 4 decimals to get accrue result In time card the total payable should be rounded in a way that it should take only the digits before decimals