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I need to build one small Lead distribution tool.

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I want to develop one platform in which we will get below tasks:

1) I want to capture leads from FB ads (lead generation) and send them via API to third party networks or advertisers.
But I want to send them in 2 ways.
- Automatic instant send
- manual check and send via the button.

Automatic instant send: In this situation captured leads will directly land to advertiser CRM or a network via API and get a copy of data in my panel and server.

Manual Check and send: In this, I want to capture leads in my panel and after manual verify or filter out wrong name number we can send manually via one-click send.

 2) Leads get verify by mobile OTP to filter out junk data.

My main concern is to filter out invalid/wrong numbers before sending it to the advertiser.

 3) Name rectification via true caller or similar service provider.

We can use any application which can give us real name via any application like true caller etc

 4) Send leads via API to the third party.

I have advertisers and networks so I need to send leads to their CRM via API integrations. I have multiple advertisers/networks so I need the custom option to add a partner in which I can do simple integration.

 5) API integration dynamic feature to add any new advertisers.

Partner add an option in which I can add any advertiser via their API details to send leads directly to their system from my panel.

Kindly check bellow attached screenshots