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I need to build a product roadmap for a project at school

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  1. Product Task:

    Revolut’s budgeting feature helps people plan and manage their spending. We feel the first
    version could have been better. The initial designs can be found ​here (Figma - the tool we use),
    and ​here (PDF version). The task is to reenvision the budgeting feature - suggest alternative
    approaches, identify missing features and shortcomings in the user experience based on
    problems and opportunities you’ve identified. Note, this is not the most current version of the
    feature, so please base your answer on the design provided.


    1. Identify problems or improvements you’ve found. Why do you think they are important?

    2. How would you solve them? Please provide flows or designs, we’d like to understand

      how you see the full customer journey. Wireframes are fine

    3. How would you deliver them? Specify a roadmap/phases/prioritization and why you’ve

      chosen the order you have

    4. How would you measure success? Define metrics for your deliverables

    5. For reasons beyond your control, you are 3 weeks behind schedule and there is a hard deadline for delivery (e.g. PR campaign that’s been committed to). What changes would
      you make and why? How would you manage communication around this?