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I need someone to promote my website blog through digital marketing, SEO with some blog writing

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I need someone to promote my blog through digital marketing, SEO, social media etc. At the moment the blog is only seen when people go on the website and they are usually just looking around and may not go to the blog

I would like the topics and content to be open to the internet and searchable - so that when someone puts in a search about a topic it will bring up the blog if it is a relevant topic that is in a blog posted in the website blog page. Such as if I wrote in the blog about Moving to Amsterdam - someone who is searching information about that topic they would be able to click the link, see, & read the blogs without having to put in the address of the website in the browser or sign in. Basically like all typical blogs on the internet it should function independently from the rest of the pages of my website.
People will be able to join in the discussion that are not users. I am also looking for some help with writing creative blog posts using interesting topics, photos and videos.
It should be possible to attract advertisers who want to advertise on the blog so I will be able to make money from the blog. 

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