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I need Infographic and Graphic Designer for making company Infographics

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Infographic Design Brief

2 designs

8 2 designers

Please refer to project requirements as attached/included. This is an introductory marketing Infographic in capture attention or

create awareness to a new. epic and unique business value preposition and business model for customer to easily launch new products/services and robust supply chain. This is a win win revolutionary business solution compare with traditional or

conventional methods of ouTsourcing or designer

DIY design, build. First operate and maintain. PROJECT Requirement to info graphic

1) Four Modules individually with maximum two pages per module

2) Subject to confidentiality and all rights reserved

3) Below are some photos which you may consider lo use for this work

4) Deliverables of this works Al High resolution PDF JPEG, in 4 separate modules pages and in whole (12 forms of presentation)

5) Clarity and verity with us it there are any questions related to this work and design

★ Target Market(s)

Global Life science, food, others)

★ Industry/Entity Type

Medical And Science

★ Look and feel

Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the styleyour logo design should communicate

★ Must have

• Dynamic background template