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I need good English writers

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If you have good writing skills, can write well researched content with attention to detail, and deliver work on time, we can offer you a long term writing gig. Details below.

There are 4 requirements for this job:
1. Have excellent written English skills
2. A reasonable understanding of SEO keyword research
3. The ability to go beyond basic Google search results and dig up useful information online
4. Working knowledge of Excel / Google Sheets, or at the very least, spreadsheets shouldn’t frighten you.

What will you have to write about?
Our articles are incredibly fun to write, because we write about gifts. That means you get to hunt down and write about the coolest, most fun, trending or handy products available online, right from electronics and gadgets to toys, books, makeup, clothes, and just about everything under the sun. Check out our website:
Does this look like something you’d like to do?

Our terms and conditions:
1. We need good writers with really good English language skills, because bad spellings and grammar are unacceptable. We are very demanding, be assured. Fresher or 20 years years of writing experience, we don’t care as long as you deliver.
2. You must have the ability to meet deadlines, because honestly, we have better things to do than send you stinkers in the mail about not filing articles on time.
3. There are company protocols to follow. We like things done a certain way and you must be willing to follow directions and a specific brief.

What we pay:
We need 2000 word articles and pay Rs.800 per article. Don’t like the rate? Don’t apply. This is a fixed rate so let’s not waste each other’s time. Write one article a day for us and you can earn Rs.24,000 a month. We have an endless supply of work and you can earn as much as you can write.