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I need experience Dropshippers $5.88 - $7.77 hourly pay

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I'm hiring a experience dropshipping assistant to help me sell second hand merchandise on market places like Ebay Amazon, OfferUp etc must have a good VPN in also must have good internet connection

Items will include: Clothes, home appliance, electronics, home decorations etc For each items sold, the seller will be entitled to 20% of the procee.

This job you will be doing things such as updating photos, listings, and answering all item questions that a customer may have plus find eye catching photo to get people attention

Some Basic Requirements are:
you resale items on eBay amazon aliexpress, fb marketplace or other classified services in other social media platforms full training course (step by step ) It has all the trusted vendors and websites

You literally just go to the website find something you want to sale and get a brief description and pictures , then post it for sale

When someone buys the item they will pay via paypal or cashapp Once sales made keep profit made go to website and buy item for the buyer and put in the buyers shipping address All items are unauthorized authentic

meaning they are very high quality copies Made with same material just different location.(some ppl will still buy non authentic)

We do have access to suppliers with legit electronic items So main thing is we get items for cheap we upsale and keep profit All items have tracking numbers provided