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I Need E-commerce application with Admin Panel

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(Indians Preferred) UI Design is ready, I'm looking for e-commerce Full Stack Android App Developer who can develop and test my app. This app will be used by Franchisees to order stock (material) from company. This was just a simple e-commerce app used to order stock and pay online. We also need Admin panel to receive order, add or edit products or categories, add or edit Franchisee Profiles or Details (We will create Username and Password for franchisees from our side). There was 2 kind of Franchisees which was Direct Franchisee or Third Party Franchisee which we call DVG Franchisee, so we need one option there while Creating franchisee. In Statistics section we should able to see 2 separate calculations for All Franchisees (Including DVG Franchisee) and for only DVG Franchisee (For Example : Today's Total Sale of All Franchisees - 4000 / Today's Total Sale of DVG Franchisees - 1000). While adding products we also need to add commission of that product which we are giving to DVG (DVG will only get commission from sale of DVG Franchisees). We can able to send messages to particular franchisee and many more features we will discuss.