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I need assistant to find people who can write answers on some Quora questions.

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I will send you the link of 10 Quora questions daily. You just have to find the people who can answer that question and request him/her to answer the question. This will hardly take 20 minutes per day.

Example - If the question is regarding the economics then you just have to find economics expert and request him to answer that question. (It's easy and requires only 4 clicks through Quora request answer feature).

There will be 10 questions per day and you just have to find the expert who can answer that question and request him to answer. There will be around 250 questions a month. You don't have to write answers, just find 15-20 experts who can write answers and request them to write answers with one click.

You can find an expert in Quora's request answer feature itself. It takes 1 click to request him/her to answer that question. You will have to invite 15 to 20 experts per question. That's it.

You just have to share the screenshot after sending requests to 15 to 20 experts. That's 10 screenshots per day.

If you still haven't understood how to request answers on Quora then Google - How to Request Answers on Quora

The monthly budget is ₹500 but it will be increased in over the period of time.