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I need an freelance for my multivendor e commerce webside and full fill my all requirements describe

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 Each seller has a separate seller profile page & can edit their profile page on their own

Seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text and also customize store as per any Color

 Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.

 Separate seller’s product collection.

 Admin can add commission based on category.

 Seller can do custom shipping.

 Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.

 Seller can add Simple and Downloadable product.

 Admin can restrict the account menu options and sequence.

 Admin can select the order status for the seller. Only selected order status will be used by the seller

for changing their product order status.

 The admin can assign specific product categories to sellers.

 Select Open cart store for the Marketplace.

 The admin can preview the seller’s product.

 The sellers can add tax information from the front-end.

 Customers can view the estimated date of the delivery on the product page.

 Sellers can use Seller-Customer Switcher to hide Marketplace menu.

Support Multi-stores.

 Custom Field- Seller can add custom field by Marketplace Multi-vendor module and these custom

fields will show on Product detail page.

 Admin can find total sale by each seller and the admin income from any particular seller under

“Marketplace Income”.

 Admin can track the seller’s income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using dashboard field

under edit partner page.

 It supports Multi-Lingual feature.

 Admin/Seller can change order status of each product.

 Admin/Seller can enter tracking number for each product.

 The customer can check out with multiple seller’s product at the same time.

 Journal Theme Compatible


 Login

 Forgot password

 Registration

 Search

 Manage Profile

 Sms details
 Email log details

 News Feeds

 Products

 Live Chat

 Notifications

 Login Credentials

 Feature Rich Admin Panel

 Customized Admin panel

 Manage (content pages, email template, photo property)

 Easy News Publication System

Full CSS control


 Sign in sign up options.

 Personal my account details with history.

 Get Email Options.

 Get SMS Options.

 Search option enabled.

 User Wallet available.

 Payment Gateway enabled.

 Check status

 Coupon codes.

 Promotions codes.

 Wallet offers credits.

 Refer a friends…etc.


 Quick Look(add to cart)

 zoom In effect

 Product Information

 Specification

 Add to cart

 Buy now

 Add to compare

 Similar goods

 People also viewed