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I need an experienced full-stack developer/engineer

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Purpose: Develop web and mobile platforms. Developers who know how to build out the following designs on HTML/CSS/Javascript and host on Heroku or AWS are preferred. 
Project details:

  1. Users of our product currently get an SMS every day with a question and respond to the SMS with an answer. The backend application uses Twilio and runs on Heroku. Responses are stored in a backend database on Firebase.
  2. We want to build a user-friendly web application for users to see the questions they have been asked and the responses they gave to those questions
  3. We want to build out a design that looks like but has the color scheme of
    1. The user receives a custom URL
    2. When the URL is clicked the user is redirected to a website with a “card” based on the design above. The card will have today’s date on it
    3. When the card is clicked it will flip over and show both the question and the user’s answer to the question. If the user has already answered the question in the past, they will be able to see those answers as well
  4. The current code is written in node.js (Twilio)
  5. Successful project completion will lead to more projects in the future!