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I need an assistant to dispatch payment electronically to my workers.

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I am Pete Frank I am a Real Estate investor. Our company specializes in Commercial and Industrial Real Estates mostly in Europe, basically just buying and selling of houses and industrial space.
Lately we have observed that there have been a rise in demand for rental properties in the real estate industry mostly in the US,Germany and Sweden.  Which is making my company to budge towards creating a department that handles Rental Properties. Since we are only new in the business especially here,We are looking to hire a reputable, hardworking and reliable payment dispatcher for our workers working on renovations of the newly acquired buildings here. How ever its a remote job offer so the employee can work from home 4 hrs a day. The salary goes from $350 to $550/week. You will be paid $350  the first week, $550 the second week and a $25 will be added to your salary every other week till its stops at $950. Remuneration is based on performance. The mode of payment how money is being sent and received is decided by you. You get to decide how your payment is being sent such as Bank deposit, Cash app, WU, Wire transfer, Zelle, Paypal, Moneygram, Walmartpaymet to Walmart e.t.c. Payment is sent every Friday and funds to be dispatched to renovators on promt.