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I need a responsive web application PHP+MYSQL+VMC with several functions

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Below are the brief processes of the application flow:

Environment: A responsive web application which is developed by PHP+MYSQL in using VMC model. General programming security is required.

Work flow: 
1. People visit the website and purchase a virtual gift box by online payment (Paypal, Credit Card etc) -> input an email for receiving the link after purchasing

2. Purchasing key and identify key will then generate by specific formula and security key, all data will then store into the database.

3. Link with purchasing key and identify key will send to receiver email.

4. Click on the link -> directly to the page which require for the purchasing key -> validation of the keys.

5. Once the keys are checked in correct, a gift box will then pop on the screen. Error message will show on the screen if the purchasing key is invalid.

6. Click on the gift box -> several presents will be selected from database (the total number is depending on the calculation by specify formula).

7. People click on the first present -> second present will then shown -> click on the second present -> third present will then shown -> end until the last present is shown.

8. Summary list will then display on the screen.

9. Update the purchasing status and present list.

10. People is required to provide receiving address and contact number under the summary list.

11. Present details, address and contact number will then update into the database.

Please feel free to provide the production cost and development time for reference, thank you.