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I need a responsive design for a product list page

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The design is for a section of a new website. The 'products' on the website are 'trips' (road trip holidays).

The requirement is to design a product list page, which will have a list of cards where each card is one trip.

Each card will need to display the following information:
- Image 1: destination photo
- Image 2: vehicle photo
- Image 3: trip route - google map image
- Destination (town, country) e.g. Bled, Slovenia
- Date (day, month, year) e.g. 23 August 2019
- Total distance, one way (miles) e.g. 1,876 miles
- Total driving time, one way (miles) e.g. 18 hours
- Total trip duration range (days or weeks) e.g. 4 - 6 weeks
- Total cost (£) e.g. £500
- Cost per night (£) e.g. From £11/night
- Vehicle 
- Call to action/button to view the detail page

Other elements on the page:
- Pagination controls
- 3 x filters with labels:
  > Distance from pickup (up to XX miles)
  > Total trip duration (min weeks, max weeks)
  > Date range (earliest start date, latest finish date)
- Header & footer (show these as a placeholder as they're already designed)

I'm using Semantic UI ( as the framework for the front end, so the design should use the elements available in Semantic UI.

Will need a mobile version (up to 700px) and desktop version (> 700px)

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