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I need a react developer to implement a chart based dashboard

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Build a React dashboard that will display some charts on one page and a data grid on another page. I want to use Highcharts as the charting library and ag-grid as the grid, and customize the look and feel for those. I also wanted the look and feel to be based on Elastic UI ( and wanted to structure the project using their approach of having named variables for CSS elements etc so that it is very easy to keep changing any style parameters.Both Highcharts and ag-grid have their own CSS for styling. I will need to integrate them with Elastic UI and override the fonts/colors etc with eui variables so that everything is a consistent look and feel? There is no need for backend functionality at this point - want to get the look right first.Some details that might help: eui defines their styling variables here: has some docs on how to override the default theme: and